Election Bags
You are not limited to the pictured bags.  Custom Bags can be made for your needs and specifications.  Call for more info.
Rolling Supply Bag
All Terrain Bag
Single Module Transport
Ballot Transfer Bag
Collapsible Supply Bag
Zipper Transport Bags
Provisional Ballot Bag
Clear Zipper Bag w/Hood Seal
Poll Worker Zipper Pouch
 Election Seals
Chamber seals
Pull Seals
Tamper Evident Seals
American Resource Consultants          
          Jewell  West913-682-6304 jwest@lvnworth.com
Security Plastic Ballot Bag.
Bag is clear with black print.
Used for securing Provisional Ballots and Envelopes
Used for any paper work that needs security/ Time sheets
Transport Ballots to and from     Precincts
Security of Write-in Ballots
Storage for Spoiled Ballots
White area on bag is writeable with ball point pen
Holds estimated 400 Ballots
Has area to mark for Destroy Date
Size 15" wide x 20" height
Material 3 Mil Plastic
Tear off Receipt
Receipt and bags consecutive numbered
Peel off strip/Self sealing/ no added cost of seals
May replace costly Boxes/ Material Bags for storage

Call for a visit/sample: Contact Jewell West/ARC

Quantitiy 100 $.75 each                           plus shipping
Quantiy    250   $.70 each plus                                       shipping
Quantity 500 $.65 each plus       shipping
Quantity 1000 $60 each plus shipping

Mousepad for Precinct Atlas
Available with County information on it.
Custom Mousepads also available.
100 QTY is $1.99 each
Set Up is $75.00 plus shipping
Rolling Supply Bag with Keyless Security and Heavy Duty Wheels
15H x 19L x 15W
Nassau Blue
Clear Tag for bags